Claze Gel

Contains :

MRP  ₹


60 ml Gel

Manufacturer :

Cipla Ltd

Uses :

How It Work?


Claze Gel is a cosmetic chemical peel that is used to rejuvenate facial skin. It is also used for lip tightening. The product is useful in the treatment of periorbital hyperpigmentation, commonly described as dark circles.

Key Ingredients:
Arginine HCl 20%Lactic acid 20%Dimethylaminoethanol 8%Kojic acid 5%Arbutin 2%Citric acid 2%Aloevera barbadensis 1%Allantoin 0.5%Aqua 25.6%Ethoxydiglycol 10%
Key Benefits:
Rejuvenates the faceHelps in lip tighteningUsed in treatment of Dark Circles (Periorbital hyperpigmentation)
Directions For Use:
Clean and remove the makeup with a degreasing lotionProtect the areas around the eyes, mouth and nose with petroleum jellyUse a cotton bud, gauze or brush, to apply the peel quickly (approx. 20–30 seconds) to the affected area/faceTreat areas in the following order: forehead, right cheek, nose, left cheek and chinApply feathering strokes at the edges to blend with the surrounding skin and prevent demarcation linesRemove the peel with water after 5–10 minutesApply a broad-spectrum sunscreen
Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useA transient stinging sensation and slight flushing of the skin are normalTo avoid contact with eyes, nostrils and mouth, elevate head up to 45°. If contact occurs, rinse with waterPatch testing may be advised for patients with a history of allergy or skin sensitivityChemical peeling with CLAZE Gel is contraindicated in patients with active viral/bacterial/ fungal infections, unrealistic patient expectations, patients on photosensitizing drugs or patients who have undergone resurfacing procedures or any cutaneous surgeries (in the area to be treated) in the last 6-12 months.

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